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Your doctor will need to check your progress at regular visits while you are using abilify.

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Information about Abilify.

Many of those patients don’t take meds because they don’t like side effects, or don’t think they have an illness, or because they become paranoid about the doctor or the doctor’s intentions, Dr. Paul Appelbaum, director of law, ethics and psychiatry at Columbia University’s psychiatry department, told The New York Times .

Abilify and other antidepressants often lead to an increase in suicidal thoughts, particularly during the first couple of months when a patient is just starting treatment. The risk of suicidal thoughts may be especially high in patients who have a personal or family history of mental health problems.


Gellad tells NPR that while Abilify MyCite might not be attractive to patients, it may appeal to caregivers and family members who worry about whether a person has taken his medication. Most of the other current tracking options involve pill bottles that track whether they’ve been opened, he says.

Abilify MyCite is approved for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar I disorder, and as an add-on treatment for depression in adults.

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